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Speed Read: RSD’s nitrous-fueled BMW R18 drag bike and more

This edition of Speed Read might just boast the biggest difference in engine size we’ve ever featured. We go from a monstrous nitrous-fueled BMW R18 from Roland Sands Design, to a 49 cc Suzuki scooter from Taiwan’s MetalCave. We also look at

logo.png  By S-S  May 20, 2024

Beach Boy: A surf-ready Yamaha WR155R scrambler from Thailand

A surfboard rack on a motorcycle might seem like a gimmick to some, but if you live in Bali and love surfing, it’s a downright necessity. The Indonesian island is peppered with surf spots—and a small bike with a rack is the best way to get to them.

logo.png  By S-S  May 19, 2024

Road and Track: A lithe BMW R80 restomod by 46Works

When Shiro Nakajima isn’t honing his considerable talents in his home workshop at the base of the Yatsugatake Mountains, you’ll find him racing at the Tsukuba Circuit, a few hours away. Those opposing environments are reflected in Nakajima-sa

logo.png  By S-S  May 18, 2024

My Way: Mule builds the ultimate Hooligan flat track race bike

If there’s one man who knows how to eke every last bit of performance out of a flat tracker, it’s Richard Pollock. The man known as Mule has been building (and racing) them since long before Bike EXIF was even conceived, and has built some of

logo.png  By S-S  May 17, 2024