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Make some noize for the Kawasaki H1 that didn’t race at Glemseck

The Glemseck 101 is the European event for anyone who loves fast, impractical, and highly imaginative machines. Those who partake in it do so with cult-like levels of obsession—returning year after year in a bid to outdo each other and themselves. Rolf R

logo.png  By S-S  Sep 26, 2023

Speed Read: A flamingo pink custom Ducati XDiavel and more

Some like their custom motorcycles classy and restrained, others like them loud and edgy. Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered. A flamingo pink custom Ducati XDiavel leads the charge, followed by a Ducati 900SS built by an artist, a 700

logo.png  By S-S  Sep 25, 2023

Family Wagon: A four-up Moto Guzzi V7 sidecar rig from Madrid

The Moto Guzzi V7 platform is well-known to us here at Bike EXIF. Since its re-release in 2008, the practical modern classic has graced the garages of multiple Bike EXIF writers, including our founder, Chris Hunter. But despite its popularity, we don’t s

logo.png  By S-S  Sep 23, 2023

A screaming Yamaha RZV500R restomod from Championship Cycles

Only available in Japan and limited to just 1,600 units, the mid-80s Yamaha RZV500R is as rare as it is iconic. Based on the RZ500, the Japanese-market RZV500R sported a handful of upgrades—the most noteworthy of which was an aluminum frame. The RZ500 wa

logo.png  By S-S  Sep 22, 2023